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Clinical Assessment…is the process of providing a professional evaluation of any particular situation and providing recommendations which may include treatment options such as psychotherapy or medication referral. FCC is authorized to provide assessments and treatment for legal entities including Manatee County Probation, Sarasota County Probation, DeSoto County Probation and Manatee & Sarasota DUI programs.

Psychotherapy…is an opportunity to work through and reslove relationship and personal problems. It doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming. You can get back to feeling in control of your life

Hypnotherapy….is a simple, natural phenomena. A lot like daydreaming, in hypnosis, you are conscious and aware, yet remain oblivious to external distractions. Under hypnosis your mind is often more open to suggestions. Hypnosis can be helpful for habit control and pain management. Nearly everyone who wants to be, can be hypnotized.

Pro Se Divorce…is a compassionate alternative to the devastation of a traditional adversarial divorce. We’re trained to help separating couples wade through the “emotional garbage” and establish enduring agreements regarding child support, child custody, equitable division of debts, and fair distribution of assets.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)…A critical or traumatic incident can be any event that is outside the usual range of daily experience. Since it is always sudden and unexpected, it may overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope with the situation. Intervention may help to reduce feelings of powerlessness and stress reactions such as fatigue and irregular sleep.

The Anderson Method The Anderson Method is not a diet, pills, injections, surgery or an exercise program; rather, it is a therapeutic process which supports increased self-management and is designed to change ones relationship with food. To learn more about the revolutionary program, interested clients are invited to schedule a free personal interview to learn more.


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