Biscuit was stray, adopted from Haywood County NC Animal Control, June 2014.  She was about a year of age and immediately began basic obedience training.  As she progresses through training, she’ll serve as my “Hearing Dog”.
She got her name from her coat’s biscuit colored glow.  After a few baths, it appears most of the glow could be attributed to North Carolina red clay stain; but the name stuck.
Guessed her breed to be Maltese with perhaps some terrier mixed in, Jack Russel perhaps.   If not Jack Russel then West Highland Terrier and perhaps some Lhasa Apso mixed in.  Had a chance to have her DNA evaluated (mouth swab).  She is dominantly a mix of two breeds, Shih Tzu and Chinese Crested … did not see that one coming.
Chinese Crested are reportedly descended from Chinese dogs who were kept as ratters on sailing ships and who inbreed with African hairless dogs. Every once in a while a litter will produce a throw back to the recessive original Chinese dogs; these genetic recessives are called Powderpuffs.

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