inferring present participle of in·fer
Verb … Deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

It’s only human nature to “fill in the blanks”. Like Sherlock Holmes we tend to take bits of information and come to a conclusion. But there’s the rub, unlike Holmes who always wades through the “red herrings” and identifies the inconspicuous killer, we tend to swim with that red fish.

Human beings are very Egocentric, we tend to think it’s all about us … a smile un-returned may be read that the “other” doesn’t like me but perhaps it was only a reflection of the “other’s”  inner turmoil and self absorption …

While not being vulnerable and naive, be tuned it to here and now. Respond to what is said or seen and not what you deduce. Angry because someone missed a meeting with you … don’t tell yourself that proves you’re not important to them; sometimes forgetting is just forgetting.


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