This old dog is learning new tricks. The Family Counseling Center, Inc. website has a fresh new look, but that’s not all. Our old site was static; it was set-up in 2000 by my daughter as a high school project and hadn’t been updated since.

Like most small businesses, I’ve experienced a downturn in that past many months. When someone looses their job, while that might well benefit from counseling, having lost their job, access to medical insurance and $$$ to put food on the table, counseling is way down on their list of investments. But moreover, it’s harder and harder to reach those individuals who have the resources and the interest but never heard of us. Nobody uses the yellow pages anymore and few read the newspaper.

TV and radio campaigns are prohibitively expensive but I’ve identified a strategy to build business. Now I know I may be coming late to the table, but my generation has been slow to go digital. I was raised in an age when “mobile phones” were called “pay-phones”, typewriters had ribbons and twitter was something your parakeet did. While my generation may have considered MySpace and Facebook a silly, passing fad engaged in by giddy high school girls and college coeds, they’re here to stay, well, maybe not MySpace. If the population of Facebook were a country, the country would be larger than the United States. Entrepreneurs have figured out numbers make it a valuable market, duh. But how to tap into it, now there’s the rub.

I’m immersed in a social media management & marketing program. I’m learning strategies for creating a brand; who knew Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and I would have something in common. My first big oops … my Website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts all had different ID’s, no common thread. My second, I hadn’t updated my sites in years, print a page and bind it in a book mentality. Will keep you updated on my progress as this old dog moves into the new millennium …

Visit the Family Counseling Center, Inc. on Facebook HERE, on YouTube HERE, and Twitter HERE. Check us out. FEEDBACK EAGERLY AWAITED! You can see our old site HERE.

The Old Dog

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